Life with HPV

I am 1 of approximately 20,000,000 infected... This is my story.

Anonymous Submission

Not a question but wanted to share my story. I started noticing symptoms (super itchy, vaginal dryness, skin discoloration) a year after an abnormal Pap smear (which I ignored). The second pap had the same result and the gyno told me I had it and prescribed a colposcopy. I freaked out. My world was over. So I went super healthy super hard. All organic food, lots of greens & found a holistic gynecologist. She prescribed a mega dose of folic acid and A+D cream for my skin since I have no wart.

I practice yoga, focus on staying stress free and eating as much whole, organic food as possible-avoid gmo corn and soy at all costs. I was on the road for 3 months and w the folic acid (5 mg capsules) plus vitamins and clean eating I was able to clear up my symptoms! No itching or raw, red skin. Then I slipped up & ran out of folic acid an plant-based multivitamin and ate more indulgently and they came back. I’m fighting back now, it’s a daily struggle but there is hope


Thank you very much for sharing your story :)

Anonymous asked: I currently got warts on genitals. I have heard that the body grows a resistance to it after a year or two. Is this true in your case?

Most people with HPV never develop symptoms or health problems. Most HPV infections (90%) go away by themselves within two years.


For me, it took roughly three and a half years before I stopped having regular recurrences.  Every person’s immune response is different due to a variety of factors (i.e. diet, environment, stress level, etc).  For example, I was smoking nearly two packs per day, eating like crap, and living a high-stress life.  I probably wasn’t making things any easier on myself.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel though, I swear.  A few years may seem like an eternity right now, but stay strong.  Things will work out.

Anonymous asked: so this is the same thing that hits me every time i think I'm doing everything right in my life. i have hpv. and i think its getting worse. I've just recently got back with the love of my life. i think about how happy i am with her and then i remember i may have given her hpv. we had unprotected sex and i wasn't sure about my condition, but now i am. I've cried thinking about how she will feel if i tell her. but i know i need to. i don't want her to leave me. what can i do? please help. anything

If you had your doubts about your HPV status it may have been in your best interest continue having protected sex.  However, I also know that spur of the moment lapses in judgement happen so you need to be strong as well as truthful.

Being completely honest will always be best solution (regardless of what others may say).  If you lie, you’ll be caught in a lie, and that’s a much more difficult situation to deal with.  Plus, no one likes a liar.  You are way better off telling the truth in this case.

Would you want her to keep something like this from you?  Probably not.

Telling someone is hard, because you never quite know where to begin.  You’ve already had sex with her so perhaps starting from the point at which you realized you had a re-occurrence would be good.  Explain to her that you were not entirely sure what was going on down there.  You know, it could have been anything from a razor bump to a generic skin blemish.  For instance, when a wart is beginning to form sometimes they’re not very easy to detect, or they form in a place that isn’t regularly touched or even visible.

Do your homework before you jump into telling her.  Learn more about HPV, how it is transmitted, when it is transmitted, the longevity of the virus, and what the effects are (or can be depending on the strain).  These facts can help you feel confident in what you’re telling your partner.  It will also keep you from floundering for an answer to a question they have — and sometimes there are plenty of them.

Best of luck, sir.  I do hope this situation works out in your favor… sound like you truly care for this person.

Anonymous asked: I know you're not single anymore, but when you were would you date a girl with HPV?

Absolutely!  It wouldn’t be an issue for me at all.

Anonymous asked: I'm scared. I'm a girl with hpv wart strain. A very young girl. With a bad life. I lived with my grandma. I don't know how I'm suppose to ever have kids bc even though its possible there's always a chance my kid could have it. I feel like I will never have love. I had the love of my life, but once I found out I left him. I felt dead. I moved into my moms a few city's away a new school a new start. But I wish I had a new body and no hpv. B4 I had this I was diagnosed with depression now its worse

I understand that you’re scared, believe me, I know the feeling too.  The feeling that all of your potential partners will, when you take the big leap to tell them, to divulge your big secret, will discard you as if you were sub-human infectious waste.  But listen…  You need to take a long hard look in the mirror and really pay attention to yourself.

You’re beautiful, you’re worth it, and you need to stay strong.  HPV is not the end.  Not the end of you, your future love interests, or your well being.  Try your best to look at it in a positive light. 

For example:

Let’s suppose you do tell someone and they reject you because you have HPV.  What does that tell you about them as a person?  What do you think their motives were to begin with?

I’ll tell you… HPV is one of the best lie detectors you could ever ask for.  And yes, of course it hurts to be rejected.  It always will… but you can walk away from the situation knowing you can do better.  That someone out there will love you for you, and only you.  Not for all the wrong reasons; that are superficial at best.

As for your pregnancy concerns, you should definitely read these two sites… You’ll feel a lot better in the end:

Keep your head up, okay? 

Everything’s going to be all right. ;)

HPV Positive Lesbians - Sex Ideas

So, I just found out that I’m HPV positive. I found this blog and it gives me hope, but… well, I’m obviously still going through a lot right now because of this. Feeling hopeless, helpless, terrified, lonely, etc. All what seem to be the usual “side effects” of this discovery.
HOWEVER. I’ve been doing some thinking concerning the whole “well I still want to have sex” issue. For the other lesbians out there with HPV, I thought I’d share some of my ideas for how to have sex while being a little bit safer:

-use a cut-open condom as a dental dam for oral sex
-assuming you don’t have the disease on your anus… anal? lol
-fingers-only, with latex gloves if you feel it’s necessary or just wash your hands thoroughly 
-obviously you can still give! They don’t have to miss out on anything~
-most importantly…TOYS! Feeldoes, dildos, strap-ons, vibrators, etc… all of that. As long as you clean them thoroughly before using them on your partner (or just have different toys designated for each partner, which would be costlier but probably even safer; or you could even put a condom on it, so you can just switch condoms rather than cleaning the whole toy between partners?), you’re good. Both partners satisfied, neither at risk.

As I wrote this, I realized it could work for heterosexuals, too. It could really work for anyone. 
I’m sure these might sound obvious, but writing it out helps give me a little hope (though dim) for the future, and I wanted to share that with anyone who might perhaps be in the same mindset. It might also help during “The Talk” to bring up some other options, so your partner doesn’t feel like there’s absolutely NO way for it to work sexually. People are so superficial sometimes, and they don’t always think about these other options.
Also, if anyone has any other ideas, PLEASE share! 

Keep your heads up, people. :’) 

Anonymous asked: Do you know what happened to hpv-outlet? I went to read their blog and it was password protected. Made me really sad :(

Before she password protected her blog she made it appear as if someone (perhaps a family member, etc) found her here on Tumblr.    She stated the transition was “temporary”, but said nothing else regarding how long it would be in effect.

That’s all I know :|

Anal Warts


I’ve been using a medical cream on my genital warts on my penis but I cannot use them on my anal warts as directed by the packaging. What the fuck do I use on my anal warts then? I’ve tried freezing them off and they don’t go away. The same is true for the warts on my penis. I’m so frustrated! I guess we’ll just have to give it time. 

Don’t give up! The persistent nature of those little bastards won’t last forever. Ask the doctor to administer longer bursts of liquid nitrogen (if you’re willing). It hurts plenty worse, yes, but the reward feels like total victory… at least for a little while longer. :)